A Guide To Comparing Motorbike Insurance Quotes

Motorcycle Insurance Comparison Guide

Contrary to popular belief, motorbike insurance does not need to be expensive. Often times, riders are either unaware of the number of insurance companies on the market, or simply don’t have the time or resources to sift through the morass of information for the best quote.

However, with the advent of online comparison sites, you can shop for quotes and compare hundreds of different insurance companies in a matter of minutes.

The Benefits of Online Motorcycle Insurance Comparison Tools

The concept of an online comparison site is simple. In the past, consumers were required to shop around on their own, visiting dozens of separate insurers and obtaining a quote from each. They would be asked to enter in their information and rider history over and over again, and typically would only manage to visit major providers before giving up due to exhaustion.

An online comparison handles the legwork for you. Based on the information you provide, it gathers quotes from both leading providers and specialist insurance companies, then compares and sorts each quote by price. This service is free to use, as comparison sites typically earn money through commission whenever they refer you to a particularly company.

Online comparison sites are particularly important regarding motorbike insurance, as many riders are unaware of the breadth of companies that offer specialised insurance in the UK. Many obscure companies partner with these sites as they are unable to afford the exposure and advertising that larger companies benefit from. On the other hand, this may also result in lower overhead and subsequently lower premiums for the consumer.

Types of Coverage

As the cost of premiums often hinge on your individual needs and situation, a good comparison site will factor in not only your age, postcode, and excess requirements, but the type of coverage you seek. For example, a good comparison site will give consumers the option to scan for the following features, as they are typically excluded from standard comprehensive coverage:

Helmet & Leathers Coverage

In a motorbike accident, it’s not unusual for helmet and clothing to get damaged. As these items can be costly, having Helmet & Leathers coverage will compensate you for the damages.

Breakdown Coverage

For owners of older motorbikes, breakdown coverage protects you in the event of mechanical failure.

European Coverage

Individuals who ride outside of the UK may opt for full protection and roadside assistance throughout Europe. Most insurers partner with a network of mechanics and garages, as well as offering 24 hour phone assistance.

If this type of speciality coverage is important to you, it’s essential that you use a site that factors them into your quote. Many comparison sites will only provide a search of the three major types of coverage, third party, third party fire and theft, and fully comprehensive, guiding you to choose a provider that may not be the cheapest when speciality coverage is considered.

Streamlined Experience

Many online comparison guides will streamline the process between finding a quote and signing up for insurance. Simply select a quote and the database will transfer over all relevant information to the insurance provider. This can be the case for both major insurance companies and providers who specialise in a particular make, such as Kawasaki, Ducati, Aprilia, and Harley Davidson.

Privacy and Security

It is important to ensure, however, to avoid dubious websites that may attempt to steer you to a particular insurance provider. Instead of narrowing you choices to the cheapest providers, these sites may manipulate the results to only show quotes that are more expensive than the desired company.

Be sure to check and confirm that a comparison site is accredited with a major regulatory organisation, and that quotes list at a minimum three major providers. Another security measure to confirm is the website’s privacy policy. A legitimate site will not reveal or distribute your personal information to third parties.

Motorbikes are often marketed as a total expression of freedom. They allow riders to take in the open air as they command the open road. The journey becomes a destination, a panorama of stunning vistas greeting you mile after mile as you traverse interminable landscapes in a breath of time.

In exchange for the beauty, convenience and freedom, riders are asked to take on an additional risk, and the costs can mount even if you never experience an accident. Being a diligent shopper and comparing quotes regularly can go a long way to attenuating these costs, so you can enjoy the perks of the road without sacrificing your freedom off it.

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