Motorbike Insurance For Convicted Riders

Motorbike Insurance For Convicted Riders

Convicted Rider Bike Insurance

When applying for a bike insurance quote, the insurance company will want to know whether you have any recent convictions for motoring offences.

With the number of speed cameras and other road safety checkpoints increasing in the UK, more and more riders are finding themselves with speeding convictions and points on their licenses.

The bad news is, however, when it comes to renewing your motorbike insurance policy. If you have had points put on your license within the last five years, then you will more than likely have to pay higher premiums for your bike insurance.

Because you currently have unspent driving convictions, your insurer will automatically classify you as a high risk rider, and as a result increase your insurance premiums to help them manage that risk.

The same thing tends to happen to motorists who have been involved in an accident (unless the other party was to blame) or happen to have made an insurance claim for any other reason.

Whilst many leading insurers will impose stiff penalties upon convicted riders in the form of higher insurance premiums, there are some insurers that will refuse them cover altogether.

If you’re a convicted rider, it is often a good idea to shop when getting bike insurance quotes. By requesting quotes from a number of leading insurers you’ll be able to find the cheapest deal that’s available.

The good news is, due to so many motorists getting caught up with motoring offences, there’s an increasing number of insurers that are beginning to be a little bit more sympathetic to riders with previous offences or a history of claims.

It is worth noting, that as expensive as it may be admitting past claims and convictions to your insurer, it is against the law to not disclose what insurers call these ‘material facts’. Failure to do so with invalidated your insurance policy, and in some cases could even lead to a prosecution for fraud.

Offences that are committed behind the wheel of a car are also taken into account when your motorcycle premiums are calculated.

Insurers only normally inquire about offences or claims made within the past 5 years. Once your motoring convictions has been spent, insurance companies can longer use it against you to raise the cost of your premiums – even though an endorsement may still remain on your license.

How to reduce the cost of convicted riders insurance

The added cost of insurance premiums for convicted riders make it all the more important to look into other ways in which you can help reduce the price of your insurance.

When calculating an insurance quote, insurers look at more factors along with previous motoring offences. Whilst you can’t do anything about your riding convictions there are some others steps you can take to try and reduce the cost of you cover.

Bike security

By ensuring that your motorbike is difficult to steal, the cheaper your insurance premium will be. Many riders fit immobilizers to their bikes to protect against theft, and making sure it is stored overnight in a secured garage is always a good idea.

Complete an advanced riding course

Your insurance premiums will often be reduced if you take part in an advanced rising class. Accredited courses by the Institute of Advanced Motorists are usually priced at around £140

Switch to a less powerful motorbike

A bike with a less powerful engine will be cheaper to insure altogether, and should be less likely to break the speed limit.

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