Who are the Biggest Car Insurance Companies

Shopping for a dependable insurance company often means looking for a company that has a large number of satisfied customers. Keep in mind, though, that having the most customers does not necessarily mean the best service, it just means that the company attracts more customers.

For example, GEICO could very easily be the largest company in regards to customer base because they are the official insurance company for all United States government employees, including the armed forces. That is a huge customer base, but does not mean that they have the highest approval rating. Similarly, Progressive insurance is among the largest providers, based on high intensity television advertising campaigns, but a great more research would be necessary to say they are the best one for your insurance needs.

As far as the official market share of companies goes, the top of the list is State Farm Mutual insurance, which claims 18.6% of the 2009 auto insurance market. They are followed by Allstate at 10.5%, GEICOat 8.2%,  Progressive with 7.5%, and the top 5 is rounded out with Zurich Financial Services, better known as Farmers Insurance.

Nationwide Mutual, Liberty Mutual, USAA Insurance, The Travelers Companies, and American Family Mutual finish out the top 10 insurance companies according to market share. These companies account for a vast majority of insurance policies written for cars in this country, and all are ranked B or better with companies such as Standard & Poor’s or the A.M. Best company.

You can further refine the list of companies you are interested in by using online auto insurance quotes. The quotes are free, and you can design your own policy to be exactly what you need, then compare premiums between several major insurance underwriters to find the best company with the best rates for your car insurance.

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